We Connect Direct Curated Audiences to Direct Agency Buys.

DelPlaya’s Promise:

Our promise to our advertisers is that they will not pay for impressions served to non-humans or invalid traffic.  We strive to ensure our ads are 100% viewable and that users are engaged and paying attention when an ad is shown.

DelPlaya’s Ongoing Commitment:

The market is ever-changing and we invest heavily each month into making sure DelPlaya’s inventory remains premium, unique and 100% human and viewable.

Programmatic Direct Relationships

We work directly with agencies and carefully screened publishers and provide value to each by eliminating bad inventory, simplifying daily operations, and creating better financial results for both.

Our agency demand connects directly to our publisher supply through our RinconPX™ programmatic platform via Deal IDs or other private market methods.

About Us

We founded DelPlaya Media, Inc. in 2011 to help radio and television broadcasters generate revenue using the Internet.  We have helped thousands of stations stream hundreds of millions of hours of live, linear programming to tens of millions of people all monetized by display, video and audio ads on mobile devices, televisions, computers and other devices, and in cars.

A few years ago, we started working with Android and iOS application publishers who needed to generate revenue for their free-to-use entertainment, news, sports, social and finance Apps.

Our focus now is on helping our publishers generate meaningful recurring revenue from their premium properties using a combination of display, video, audio and native ad units.  Likewise, we are focused on learning from brand advertisers how they want to interact with their target audiences to maximize their branding investment.


If you are a publisher with a dedicated audience and are looking to increase your monthly revenue, we’d love to hear from you.  contact@delplaya.com


If you are an agency or a brand and want better results from your investment in programmatic display, video, CTV, audio or native inventory, please contact us.  sales@delplaya.com



Management Team
John Williams

John is CEO of delPlaya, a company he co-founded in 2011. John has founded and led several businesses in his 20+ year career including a feature film production and distribution company (now owned by Sony), a music and movie download business, an internet radio advertising network, and a law firm.

Jeff Pescatello

Jeff co-founded DelPlaya and manages our relationships with advertisers and publishers.  He has significant experience starting and growing businesses.  Jeff has owned and operated several radio stations in the Northeast, and he ran the Canadian operations of his family’s large, worldwide, telecommunications-cabling manufacturer until it was sold to Legrand.  Jeff served in the United States Army‘s Special Operation Southern European Task Force (SETAF) stationed in Italy

Ron Donaire

Ron joined delPlaya when we acquired his desktop advertising business. Ron runs our advertising operations. Ron has significant experience building and scaling ad servers, ad operations, and web-based entertainment properties.

Platform Benefits

Our inventory performs better.

Our formula for Brand Safety & Transparency:

One ad + One user + One buyer + One platform = Curated Audience


Key Benefits

Critical Mass – 85 million daily unique mobile users

On Demand Inventory – buyers get quality & timely delivery for client plan specs:

Bid-to-win ratios of 80%+ vs. the industry standard of 13%

Fraud Mitigation – guaranteed fraud protection:

3rd party verification with audience verification to eliminate fraud

Open Verification – supports any third party verification and viewability solution

Rebate advertisers for any unverified inventory

Speed – designed to serve ads faster:

Lower latency vastly improves consumer experience

Average :15 ad VTRs: 85-100%

Real-Time Data – Ad IDs, Do Not Track, Carrier, Device type, & Lat/long parameters for improved audience targeting

Easy to Use – Use existing agency purchasing process (e.g. TradeDesk; DBM) by setting up a Deal ID one time and then let it run


We reach tens of millions of users on their iOS and Android devices, desktops, cars and connected televisions each day. Our publishers’ Apps have been downloaded more than 1 billion times in the aggregate and hundreds of millions of users enjoy these Apps each month. We have one of the largest connected television and audio audiences in the industry as well. Our native inventory reaches tens of millions of unique devices each month.  Our scale benefits our new publishers because we bundle new inventory into our other direct inventory which we then sell to advertisers looking for scale and direct relationships with publishers/end-users.


Our inventory has high view-through-rates and click-through-rates. We also reach tens of millions of Hispanic users each month and millions of users of verified legal drinking age (LDA).

VIDEO (OTT, CTV, In-App, Desktop, Mobile-web)

We work with our publishers to ensure our video inventory enjoys premium placement and is clearly in view.  We also work with publishers to ensure the proper data is passing in every impression which increases fill rate and CPM rates.  Our video advertising runs before, during and after user initiated programming or functions.

We utilize IAB standard ad units. We accept VPAID, MRAID- and VAST-compliant tags.


We have more than ten years of experience working with premium audio programming providers and we are always looking for more inventory for our programmatic audio offering.  We monetize through fifteen and thirty second DAAST compliant audio spots.


While video, audio and native formats are our primary focus, we also monetize IAB standard display units.  Our direct audience for display exceeds 100 million users each month.


Vast 2.0
LKQD platform Connection


Vast 2.0
LKQD platform Connection

Mobile Web

Player Overlay
Content Overlay
Bottom Floater

Global Monetization

U.S. and International monetization with fast ads, high fill rates and eCPM’s

Speed = Money

Mobile inventory is perishable. The fastest ad is the most valuable.


Fill Rates? VTR goals? CTR concerns? Let us handle the heavy lifting.


Transparently connecting  

Direct Curated Audiences to Direct Agency Buys.

Our RinconPX contains unique inventory directly sourced from premium publishers.  We work with our publishers to create inventory not found on other marketplaces or exchanges.  Connecting to the RinconPX via OpenRTB is made easy through our experienced technical team that has completed more than 100 OpenRTB integrations.


We actively eliminate fraud.

Cutting Edge Detection
We combine 3rd party verification with our fact-based audience verification solution to eliminate fraud.

– Inventory is pre-bid screened
– Impressions are in-view by humans
– Every App is hand-picked and monitored by us to prevent fraud
– Third-party verification is available
– DelPlaya is TAG Registered and Certified Against Fraud





West Coast HQ
(805) 250-8176

Agency/Brand Sales
(646) 688-3100

West/East Coast

Corporate Office
800 N. Milpas St, Suite B
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

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